Stock stop saves time, keeps the slide open

The extended one on top was taken out and replaced by the original

I have had maybe one failure to lock open the slide in every three magazines while running empty, in the past four months or so. I had basically given up on my old (six years, some of them) magazines and was set on buying new.

But then I came across this thread on Gunsite and decided to put the old slide stop back in the Glock 17 last night. I took it for a spin this morning.

100 rounds and at least eight magazines ran empty. And locked the slide back without any issues.

I think my thumb was resting on the extended one and that caused an issue.

I finished with the normal Wilson 5×5 drill, and while quite a bit slower than last week, my time on the magazine change improved. Be careful what you change on your firearm.


DMG at last

So this weekend I’m trying my hand at Defensive Multi-gun (DMG) for the very first time. My home club, TacShac, is hosting the “Enter the Sandman” league on Sunday and it is turning into a really early start!

Registration is expected to start at 07:00, but the courses of fire have to be built still … we’ve been advised not to leave stuff overnight. So EVERYTHING happens on Sunday. Builders gather at 05:30.

As always, preparation is not perfect as life gets in the way, but I managed a practice run yesterday.

Not shooting everything into the same hole, yet, but at least the dust is now out of the shotgun barrel and some dust have gathered on the Micro Roni.

While this might sound like an early excuse, I’m certainly not looking for medals on Sunday. Just a good, fun shoot; focusing on getting proper shots on target. All the time.

Transitions is obviously new to me, so I’ll do some dry fire “safety on, safety off” drills today still. If things go to plan, I may have another hour on the range tomorrow.

The rules of the new game can be found here. I will read through them again today.


Good run, but the competition (and the range) is really hot

I try to compete in SSP EX now, which means I’m shooting against some really fast youngsters. I’m going to have to practice a bit more to beat them, that’s for sure. The scores are not out yet, but I managed fourth in the division … Frikkie Streicher, mentioned in the preview, ran away with the gold medal.

This is the layout of my last stage on Saturday, Stage 9 at the Brits Defensive Pistol Club league. I was not pathetic, but I certainly lost at least two second to the fast guys here.

The description calls for you to pick up the firearm from the table, load it with only six rounds and fire three shots into the target on the left while remaining seated. Not difficult. Then, get up and fire three shots on the move to B. At B, pick up another magazine and engage target three with three more shots.

I do targets one and two and go one down on T2. After reloading at B, I re-engage T2 with one shot before rushing forward to T3 and firing four shots to get the zero down.

What I should have done was to ignore the one down on T2, take the one second penalty and continue to T3 in a continuous, smooth run. So we all learn, even after five years of shooting. I think my time was around 15s for the stage. Frikkie did it in less than 10. I’ll confirm when the scores come out tomorrow.

O yes, and it was 37 degrees Celsius when I got in my car to go home at around 14:30!

Tomorrow the preparation starts for the TacShac DMG league.

2017 shooting season starts

The SADPA calendar is full and we are hosting our first league at TacShac Defensive Pistol Club in slightly more than a month. While I’m not so familiar with the protocol, we have a great bunch of people working on the shoot, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun come 16 April.

The new rules makes things fast and simple and, while the Sharpshooter class has grown a bit, there was quite a few shooters at the last league (at JDPC in March). Big up to Paul K and his team … the shooting is sometimes slow on the Cecil Payne range, but it is always a lot of fun. Even while we are all still learning how to run the game under the new rules.

On a personal level, I’m struggling with the lack of competition in CDPC. I was the only Expert shooter in this division at the league. While it guarantees a gold medal, I think I’m taking Terrick Naude’s advice and moving back to SSP. Maybe I would be able to win medals, but at least I’ll be measuring myself against a bunch of other shooters.

I would have loved a set of these, but they do not seem to be available here.

So I’ve bought a Glock 26 and will be using my current carry gun (Glock 17) in competition as soon as the licence comes through. I do need new (competition) sights on it. The Warren Sevigny sights would have been ideal, but with the rand dropping against the dollar, I’d probably have to go for the Hailstorm sights. I’ll put the current Glock night sights on the G26.

The goal is still to reach master level, this year. I hope the more affordable ammo will help me move up, as I can train more. But that remains to be seen.

I’ll be on the range tomorrow, weather permitting, doing my weekly practice session. This includes:

  1. FAST drill
  2. Dot Torture
  3. Bill drill x 3
  4. Blake drill x 3
  5. el Presidente x 3

And a few long distance shots to make up a hundred trigger pulls. I hope to up that by 50% to 150 as soon as the Glock 26 makes its appearance. Can’t wait.


Easy dry-fire practice

I’ve been playing with this concept for a while after seeing some dry-fire practice slides on Youtube. While I cannot really report a dramatic increase in proficiency, I’m not slowing down either. And it is as easy to set up as plugging your laptop into the TV.

This one is for stage 1 of the IDPA qualifier. If you are interested in the other two, send me a mail or subscribe.


Stage 3: The first of the skills tests

I’ve been practicing the Eno’s transition drill for a while now. So when I saw this stage in the booklet, I could not have been happier. Almost exactly the same, except Albert Wessels asked for to shots to the body each before moving to the head shot. And Adrian Rosslee (probably) added the two HONTs.

A test that suited my skills, finally.
A test that suited my skills, finally.

I thought I slowed down some, but the time was right up there with my practice times. Pity it was my third-last stage of the championship, as my confidence got a substantial boost here.

Time: 19.05, including four points down. 45acp


TacShac club shoot … one of this morning’s stages

rooikraal3I don’t think it is technically training for the IDPA Africa Championships, but I was off to Cecil Payne this morning for this week’s TacShac club shoot. The course designer, Lynette Oxley, put up a really good show today … with stages that were challenging, both on your shooting skills and on your stage planning. I do think you can overdo the club shoots a bit, this one was well worth while.

I got third, with a complete mess on one of the six stages. Forgot about sequence, three shots per target, missed the head shots when I remembered etc, etc.

However, the Glock 21 is running like clockwork again and I am certainly seeing an improvement in my transitions. Fairly accurate too.

Back to the dry fire regime tomorrow. 45acp