Easy dry-fire practice

I’ve been playing with this concept for a while after seeing some dry-fire practice slides on Youtube. While I cannot really report a dramatic increase in proficiency, I’m not slowing down either. And it is as easy to set up as plugging your laptop into the TV.

This one is for stage 1 of the IDPA qualifier. If you are interested in the other two, send me a mail or subscribe.



Only 1.5 seconds faster :(

19 June 2016

I took part in my second Steel Challenge this morning at the Cecil Payne shooting range in Roodepoort. There was a slight improvement on the first shoot, but (I admit grudgingly) expectations were a a bit higher:


My times worsened only on two stages, but the Speed option, especially, knocked me a bit. I do think it was the first stage of the day. Ah well, I did improve on most … even Smoke and hope!

We were only three in the detail, but with 47 shooters on the range, waiting was minimal. I’m not good enough yet to identify the stage (please send me a comment if you recognize it), but here is some footage of Hadenuf, Clouds and I shooting one of the stages. I think it may be Showdownour last stage of the day:

The final scores for the day can be found on the Steelchallenge.co.za website. 45acp

Click here to see Terrick Naude shoot a stage at this morning’s Steel Challenge.

Terrick Naude at the Steel Challenge this morning

19 June 2016

Terrick Naude, IDPA master and top IPSC shooter (he denies it) for the Frontier team, shows how it’s done on the Steel Challenge range this morning. He immediately shows how it’s not done after … but, even when he fluffs, he is still faster (a lot) than most mortals.

I did record a few of myself, as well, which I will post as soon as I have the results for the day. But the Steel Challenge was fun, yet again.

250 rounds, sure, but fun. 45acp