Stock stop saves time, keeps the slide open

The extended one on top was taken out and replaced by the original

I have had maybe one failure to lock open the slide in every three magazines while running empty, in the past four months or so. I had basically given up on my old (six years, some of them) magazines and was set on buying new.

But then I came across this thread on Gunsite and decided to put the old slide stop back in the Glock 17 last night. I took it for a spin this morning.

100 rounds and at least eight magazines ran empty. And locked the slide back without any issues.

I think my thumb was resting on the extended one and that caused an issue.

I finished with the normal Wilson 5×5 drill, and while quite a bit slower than last week, my time on the magazine change improved. Be careful what you change on your firearm.


New shooter orientation in Brits

The Brits Defensive Pistol Club (BDPC), under the able administration of the Meyers, is hosting a New Shooter Orientation (NSO) this Saturday, October 7.

This is the announcement as sent out by Michiel earlier today:

If anyone is interested, we at BDPC will be hosting a NSO at our shooting range here in Brits. For more information please visit our website at

To book your place for the NSO please send an email to
Only shooters with valid SADPA numbers can attend. (This means you have to have registered and paid your SADPA fees and you have to have joined a SADPA club).

Cost is R150 per shooter and includes range fees. Bring a minimum of 100 rounds of ammo and please read through the rulebook

NSO starts at 08:00.

If you think of joining SADPA but am not sure if you will enjoy it, please come through and have a chat to us. I am sure we can convince you to join us. 
Spectators are always welcome.

T’was a little wet

Our match today got clipped short by the first decent summer rains this year. While I still had a complete blast (pardon the pun) and managed to complete all seven stages, others were not so lucky and ran away from the thunder and lightning.

No results yet, no medals and no rewards. Guns very wet, but now dry and cleaned.

I’ll post something as soon as we have a result or two.

Thank you Tacshac, it was a good experience.

DMG at last

So this weekend I’m trying my hand at Defensive Multi-gun (DMG) for the very first time. My home club, TacShac, is hosting the “Enter the Sandman” league on Sunday and it is turning into a really early start!

Registration is expected to start at 07:00, but the courses of fire have to be built still … we’ve been advised not to leave stuff overnight. So EVERYTHING happens on Sunday. Builders gather at 05:30.

As always, preparation is not perfect as life gets in the way, but I managed a practice run yesterday.

Not shooting everything into the same hole, yet, but at least the dust is now out of the shotgun barrel and some dust have gathered on the Micro Roni.

While this might sound like an early excuse, I’m certainly not looking for medals on Sunday. Just a good, fun shoot; focusing on getting proper shots on target. All the time.

Transitions is obviously new to me, so I’ll do some dry fire “safety on, safety off” drills today still. If things go to plan, I may have another hour on the range tomorrow.

The rules of the new game can be found here. I will read through them again today.


Good run, but the competition (and the range) is really hot

I try to compete in SSP EX now, which means I’m shooting against some really fast youngsters. I’m going to have to practice a bit more to beat them, that’s for sure. The scores are not out yet, but I managed fourth in the division … Frikkie Streicher, mentioned in the preview, ran away with the gold medal.

This is the layout of my last stage on Saturday, Stage 9 at the Brits Defensive Pistol Club league. I was not pathetic, but I certainly lost at least two second to the fast guys here.

The description calls for you to pick up the firearm from the table, load it with only six rounds and fire three shots into the target on the left while remaining seated. Not difficult. Then, get up and fire three shots on the move to B. At B, pick up another magazine and engage target three with three more shots.

I do targets one and two and go one down on T2. After reloading at B, I re-engage T2 with one shot before rushing forward to T3 and firing four shots to get the zero down.

What I should have done was to ignore the one down on T2, take the one second penalty and continue to T3 in a continuous, smooth run. So we all learn, even after five years of shooting. I think my time was around 15s for the stage. Frikkie did it in less than 10. I’ll confirm when the scores come out tomorrow.

O yes, and it was 37 degrees Celsius when I got in my car to go home at around 14:30!

Tomorrow the preparation starts for the TacShac DMG league.

Brits league this weekend

So the hunting season is over and the shooting season is drawing to a close in South Africa. I take some time in the summer months to play with new things at dawn or dusk as the African sun tends to punish me for my lack of hair and pigmentation.

Na9pQ3E - Imgur
My spot in the veld near Vosburg in the Northern Cape. Done hunting and singing at the top of my voice here. No springbok came close after.

But I promised Santie Meyer from Brits that I’d do their league this year … and so it is on!

At the moment there are only two spots open in the field for Saturday. I’m in a squad full of good shooters and I’m slightly worried for my form, but I was on the range Tuesday to do a bit of accuracy training. I’ll be back there tomorrow for some movement … which is more than I normally manage for a league shoot.

The match is on the Eeufees range; it’s almost half the fun getting there, especially if you drive something “low-to-the-ground”.

I have enough ammo with the last of the S&B primers borrowed from a shooting friend. But from next week it’s back to the more expensive Winchester SPPs. Seems as if the Sellier & Bellot stuff is stuck on a dock somewhere.

But next week is the TacShac DMG league. It’ll be my first. Winchester primers or not. I’ll write a little bit more about that prep from next week. Doesn’t leave me with a lot of time, but so be it. I’m not going for medals, but I still expect a steep learning curve.

First I have to shoot against Frikkie Streicher on Saturday. 🙂

Here is a link to the Courses of Fire


G26 approved

I got the great news on Thursday that my Glock 26 license was approved. I’ve only held the firearm once, in November when I bought it, and I can wait to go play with it. Even for South African conditions, it took a while to get the license. It was mostly my fault as I went on leave and only did the application in November.

But there was also a problem getting the license from the provincial office to the central firearms registry (CFR) in Pretoria. It was sent to provincial at the beginning of February and only reached Pretoria in May. Quite some time for a trip of no more than 70 km. Anyway, it got me to join GOSA. I sent a mail to the complaints section at SAPS and the license was approved within 72 hours. So now for the license card. 😦

As said elsewhere, I’m hoping to take the trusty 17 off my side and into competition again. I’ll put its night sights on the 26 and put some fiber sight … I’m thinking Rescomp … on the 17. But I’ll make a decision on that as soon as I have the gun.

Meanwhile it’s a bit of daily dry fire to get a good grip on the 17 and I’m hoping to get some more range time now that the semester is coming to an end.