G26 approved

I got the great news on Thursday that my Glock 26 license was approved. I’ve only held the firearm once, in November when I bought it, and I can wait to go play with it. Even for South African conditions, it took a while to get the license. It was mostly my fault as I went on leave and only did the application in November.

But there was also a problem getting the license from the provincial office to the central firearms registry (CFR) in Pretoria. It was sent to provincial at the beginning of February and only reached Pretoria in May. Quite some time for a trip of no more than 70 km. Anyway, it got me to join GOSA. I sent a mail to the complaints section at SAPS and the license was approved within 72 hours. So now for the license card. 😦

As said elsewhere, I’m hoping to take the trusty 17 off my side and into competition again. I’ll put its night sights on the 26 and put some fiber sight … I’m thinking Rescomp … on the 17. But I’ll make a decision on that as soon as I have the gun.

Meanwhile it’s a bit of daily dry fire to get a good grip on the 17 and I’m hoping to get some more range time now that the semester is coming to an end.


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