2017 shooting season starts

The SADPA calendar is full and we are hosting our first league at TacShac Defensive Pistol Club in slightly more than a month. While I’m not so familiar with the protocol, we have a great bunch of people working on the shoot, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun come 16 April.

The new rules makes things fast and simple and, while the Sharpshooter class has grown a bit, there was quite a few shooters at the last league (at JDPC in March). Big up to Paul K and his team … the shooting is sometimes slow on the Cecil Payne range, but it is always a lot of fun. Even while we are all still learning how to run the game under the new rules.

On a personal level, I’m struggling with the lack of competition in CDPC. I was the only Expert shooter in this division at the league. While it guarantees a gold medal, I think I’m taking Terrick Naude’s advice and moving back to SSP. Maybe I would be able to win medals, but at least I’ll be measuring myself against a bunch of other shooters.

I would have loved a set of these, but they do not seem to be available here.

So I’ve bought a Glock 26 and will be using my current carry gun (Glock 17) in competition as soon as the licence comes through. I do need new (competition) sights on it. The Warren Sevigny sights would have been ideal, but with the rand dropping against the dollar, I’d probably have to go for the Hailstorm sights. I’ll put the current Glock night sights on the G26.

The goal is still to reach master level, this year. I hope the more affordable ammo will help me move up, as I can train more. But that remains to be seen.

I’ll be on the range tomorrow, weather permitting, doing my weekly practice session. This includes:

  1. FAST drill
  2. Dot Torture
  3. Bill drill x 3
  4. Blake drill x 3
  5. el Presidente x 3

And a few long distance shots to make up a hundred trigger pulls. I hope to up that by 50% to 150 as soon as the Glock 26 makes its appearance. Can’t wait.



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