Voted toughest on the course: Stage 2 of Africa Champs

I must say, this one did not bother me much when I got the booklet. Little did I realise that the first three targets were to be hit while moving backwards with a bag full of bricks in my weak hand. Sure you could re-engage from behind cover after dropping the bag in the box, but, when you shoot CDP, rounds are rather precious on a stage like this one.


The brief is to hold the case in both hands, gun on the drum. On the signal, grab the gun in your strong hand, move to cover while engaging the targets. I shot T3 first, then T2 and then T1. You have to engage them while moving. After dropping the case in the box, I engaged T1 again from behind cover. Then opened the door from left cover.

That was a mistake. T5, T6 and T7 did not cause and issue, but I then decided to shoot the plate from the same position (20m shot). I missed the first shot and hit the hostage, circled in red on the design.

I was one of two people in more than 200 shooters that managed that five-second penalty. On the positive side, I called the shot. 🙂

19 points down, for a total of almost 72 seconds. Thanks Danie! 45acp


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