Stage one was the one that worried me

After receiving the courses of fire ahead of the Africa Champs, there was on stage that bothered me more than the others. Stage one. My concern, as always, was getting out of the car. I’m about 192 cm tall and wider than I should be; getting in and out of cars is not something I do easily … much less so with a gun in my hand.

It's called stage 9 in the booklet, but it turned out to be stage 1 on range 1.
It’s called stage 9 in the booklet, but it turned out to be stage 1 on range 1

So you start seated in the car. Engage targets 1 through 5, get out and engage the rest from between the door and the car. Two shots on paper to score. My plan, after seeing the design, is to engage 1, 2 and then three, do a tactical reload in the car and then shoot 5 to get four to move. And then to get out and shoot the rest.

On the day, it turns out that targets 1 to 6 are equidistant. And the car is a truck. And you can push the door open with your leg … not necessary to put the gun in your left hand to open the door. The stage is therefore much easier than it looked on paper.

So I change my plan.

Shooting target 5 first, then the disappearing target 4 (in theory), then three, then one and then two with a slide-lock reload. Except I’m slow on the disappearing target and only get one shot on.

I shoot the stage in 60 seconds, more than 17 seconds slower than the gold medal winner in CDP expert. Changing the plan and worrying about the car …



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