Getting rid of a bad squib

I was doing the TacShac club shoot this morning with a bunch of shooters that are quite a bit better than me. The first stage, although slow, had me happy at least … the second, not so much.

I was first on the line and about half-way through the 18 shot stage, the gun went pffft. Everyone shouted stop, so I did.

Bad squib, with the nose of the bullet prairie-dogging out the front of the barrel. With nothing to hold the barrel, I decided to “beat it back”. It went half way. And nothing further. Even with a really big hammer.

So I was on my way home with plans of bigger hammers, drills and vices when a real expert (I’m not kidding here) took one of my rounds, removed the bullet and put in just enough tissue paper to hold the powder inside the case. He then “loaded” this case into the barrel, pulled the trigger and off the bullet went. Look, I would not recommend doing anything of the sort and or getting a squib at all. But I certainly learnt something today.


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