TacShac club shoot … one of this morning’s stages

rooikraal3I don’t think it is technically training for the IDPA Africa Championships, but I was off to Cecil Payne this morning for this week’s TacShac club shoot. The course designer, Lynette Oxley, put up a really good show today … with stages that were challenging, both on your shooting skills and on your stage planning. I do think you can overdo the club shoots a bit, this one was well worth while.

I got third, with a complete mess on one of the six stages. Forgot about sequence, three shots per target, missed the head shots when I remembered etc, etc.

However, the Glock 21 is running like clockwork again and I am certainly seeing an improvement in my transitions. Fairly accurate too.

Back to the dry fire regime tomorrow. 45acp


5 thoughts on “TacShac club shoot … one of this morning’s stages”

  1. Why didn’t you reshoot this stage? Rule
    How are you leaving cover without engaging the two paper and one popper on the right. Rule 3.5


  2. I refered to the video in the blog post.
    The SO shouldn’t have been in your way – you ran into him. He should have offered you a reshoot because he interfered with your stage.
    You’re also leaving cover to shoot the paper and steel from another position. This is not allowed in IDPA rules – IF thats how the stage was designed, then is not a legal IDPA stage 😛


    1. He did offer a re-shoot, but I decided not to take it.

      Yes, that was how the stage was designed. I’m still not sure why it’s illegal to do that. Please point me to the rule … I’m struggling to find it.


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