Information on the Africa IDPA Championships

As received from the Magnum Range:

The 2016 IDPA Africa Champs will be taking place at PDPC / Magnum United Shooting Range from 4th -7th August 2016.

The Safety Officers will shoot the pre-match on Thursday, 4th August and Friday, 5th August. Competitors will participate on Saturday, 6th August and Sunday, 8th August.

The match will comprise of 16 or 18 Stages and will require approximately 250 rounds.

We are expecting +- 25 International shooters to attend this match.

Click here for the online match registration

Entry Requirements:
  • Classification for the Division that you will be participating in during the last 12 months.
  • 1 x League and 3 x Club Shoots in the last 12 months or 4 x Club Shoots in the last 12 months.
  • All Divisions, including BUG Division will be recognised for this match.
  • Novices who meet the requirements may enter this match.
  • Competitors to have a minimum of 5 magazines for the firearm that he/she is going to participate with.
  • No sharing of firearms during this match.

Match fee is R650.00 per person and will include a catered meal on Saturday, 6th August, during which we will have the lucky draws, etc.

There will be catering on all 4 days of the match.

Courses of Fire:

Andy Anderson, a number of years ago, donated a trophy “The Most Challenging Stage”. The member that designs the most challenging stage of the match wins this trophy according to votes received from competitors. In order to award this at the Champs I need to get CoF’s from members. The CoF’s must be in compliance with the current IDPA Rules for stage design. The CoF’s must be realistic in terms of design and equipment. I may have to tweak submitted CoF’s to be accommodated on ranges and according to equipment that is available to us. I need these CoF’s to be submitted to me via e-mail by no later than Saturday, 2nd July. I have to submit CoF’s for the match to IDPA USA on 5th July.

Competitors will squad themselves online when their registration has been received and vetted.

As is customary we will have 1 or 2 “Super Squads”.


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