Transition drill … I need it as I suck at this

rooikraal4I’m a member on the Brian Enos forums. I don’t post there much, but I have learned a ton. Of course there is a lot of things that should be ignored there, too, but such is the nature of the internet.

As stated in the title, a lot of work is needed for my transitions. In one of Enos’s own posts, he sets out the guidelines for a transition drill. And it goes like this:

  1. Three IDPA/IPSC targets, about a meter apart and set up at 10 meters
  2. Draw and engage each target (starting on the left) with one shot, pivot back to the first target and repeat, pivot back to the first and repeat. For a total of nine shots in the string.
  3. Score the string by taking your time and adding half a second for any shot outside of the “A” zone. (I used IDPA targets and put two shots in the -3 zone … and added 1.5s for those)
  4. Repeat between six and ten times.
  5. Calculate your average.

And that’s what I did:

My average was about 9.4 seconds per string. Time only was about 7 seconds. So, on average, I have about five shots out of the A zone per string.

After finding my average for seven strings, I mailed it back to Enos. I have received the reply and I’m working on it. Both for dry fire and live.

An update is soon to follow. 45acp


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