I think it’s faster

Below is an piece of audio from two reloads. The first is the tactical reload. I drop the magazine into my hand, stow it in a pocket, grab a fresh one and slam it back into the pistol. The second, a reload with retention, is me grabbing the fresh magazine first, dropping the one in the firearm into the same hand and (while holding the old one) slamming the new one home.

I’m almost half a second faster in the second reload, as I’m trying to illustrate in the pictures below. The red line shows where the new magazine is seated in the pistol:

Reload with retention


Tactical reload

It might seem like a small difference. I have, however, been practicing the tactical reload for close to two years now. I started doing the reload with retention last week. And I’m already saving half a second.

The goal is to improve my time on stage three of the classifier. At this moment, it is really a no-brainer.


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