Taping the TachShack shoot on June 9

I’m trying to record some video footage in an effort to find weaknesses in my technique.

The video is OK, but I have found that:

  • It’s really difficult to concentrate on the shoot and the camera
  • I forget about the camera completely, the proceed to record others and not myself
  • The footage is not really great as the camera is at your back throughout. I don’t really trust the other shooters to place the camera in front of them.
  • I can see I’m not focused enough (trying to reload while the gun is not empty)

This is Thursday’s first stage at the TacShack club shoot, shot really early in the morning.


The stage designer calls for a head-shot on each of the targets while moving backward to cover. Then to re-engage each target with two shots each from both sides of cover. (Three from the right and three from the left.)

I shot the stage in 34 seconds, more than 10 seconds slower than the overall winner of the day. He beat me by four seconds on the day … this first stage, in other words, did nothing to help my overall time.

This week I’ll set up the camera during training. Hopefully I’ll pick up some more issues. But mental conditioning is my biggest concern at the moment, no doubt about it. 45acp


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