SADPA brings a lot of new shooters to the range

This is a plug for IDPA. And for SADPA. Unashamedly so.

Last year I helped Adri Algera run a New Shooter Orientation (big file) and IDPA classifier for the first time. I was nervous, sure, but I was not the only one. Some of the new shooters were struggling to get their firearms out of the holster!

This video is of Modise Mothapo, who was a very, very new shooter in SADPA slightly more than six months ago. When he started, he struggled. He was an accurate shooter from the start, but movement, magazine changes and “cover” were alien concepts.

Today, Modise is at basically every club shoot TacShack Defensive Pistol Club hosts. He has shot (and was unfortunately disqualified) a league at Rooikraal. He was back at Cecil Payne shooting range the next Thursday.

When I see him on the range, he is smiling. And he is ten times the shooter he was six months ago. And the nervousness (both for him and for me) has disappeared.

Just look at him go …


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