Go to the range, she said … so I did

Laurie Holden, known for her role in (among others) The Walking Dead, is quoted for saying, “It’s a fun thing to do: Go to a shooting range with a buddy, knock off a few rounds, release stress.”

Click on the link, it is well worth looking at her picture.

Preparing to shoot early on Saturday morning

I went to Rooikraal for their SADPA club shoot yesterday morning, fully expecting to do just that. And, true to form, the club provided all three … friends/like-minded people, a space to shoot a few rounds and some stress relief too.

The dry-fire is helping, I’m sure, but I’m focusing on focusing (sorry) in the minute or so of being on “standby”. And it helps. Or it helped today. My first stage was slow, but I was up first and I made a conscious decision to slow down and get the procedure right.

rooikraal2I started shooting slightly faster, but concentrating on calling the shots still, from the second stage and everything seemed to flow rather well. Except for the H.O.N.T. on the third stage, that is. Zero down, but shot through. I was not happy.

I had one light strike. But things are looking up.

As for the shoot, allow me to quote Laurie (completely out of context, of course): “I’m still pinching myself, because it’s amazing”. 45acp


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