It takes a little practice

06 June 2016

I’m not a natural shooter. I do have some attributes that help me in sports (I’m fairly big, I have ball sense, fast enough for my size and, with the use of contact lenses, I’m still able to see the target).

I also have some physical attributes that certainly count against me. I’m fat (and constantly working on it). I’m very heavy. Those might sound like the same thing, but it’s not. Even at my goal weight (around 100 kg), I struggle with my joints. Especially my ankles. Finally, at 46, I’m getting bloody old. Nature is a bitch.

And I have to compete against guys half my age. So I practice. And aim to practice harder than they do, in the hope that I will stay at their level. It can be done … Adrian Rosslee is a prime example. He has a few things that bother him physically (age is but one), but he makes up for it but not missing anything he shoots at.

I am skimping on the cardio vascular at the moment. I shouldn’t, I know.

I do work on core strength every weekday; that helps me to get up, down, prone and it also adds some stability to my shooting stance.

But I do dry-fire every day. And that  has seen me jump from MM to Expert in less than a year.


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