Little mistakes go a long way part 2

04 June 2016

Part 2

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The offending hopper

So three out of a hundred stuck in the tube is unacceptable in any shooters book, even while shooting Diplopoint. I pack up and go home, rather despondent.

After sitting and moping and reading a lot about squibs on the interconnected webs, I remember the flakes of powder spilling. So I spend some time looking at the press. And, lo and behold, there is the problem.

I did not screw in the powder-through die properly when I replaced it on the .45 turret head. Which lead to the disk not moving forward completely … which still saw powder drop in almost all of the cases. But in about 3%, not enough came through to get the bullet through the barrel.

Setting up the die, properly, fixed the issue. No more powder flakes on the bench, no more squibs. Happy shooter? Not quite. I still get two or more light strikes every 100 shots.

I am not closer to solving that issue, but I’ll be sure to write about it when I do. 45acp

Click here for part 1


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