Training: Saving a second or two

31 May 2016

For the past three years or so, my reloading training (dry fire and live fire) has been focused on the so-called tactical reload. In other words:

  • drop the magazine out of the gun into your hand
  • stow it in a pocket
  • grab a full one
  • slam it home
  • start moving

However, while shooting CDP, it sometimes becomes necessary to start moving as quickly as possible. The rules allow you to move from cover as soon as the full magazine is seated in the gun.

My hope is on a reload with retention (RWR) from now on. In the RWR, the process is supposed to go as follows:

  • grab a full magazine from your belt
  • drop the magazine from the gun into the same hand
  • slot the full one home
  • start moving
  • stow the retained magazine

Internet writers say they are saving a second on String Two of Stage Three in the classifier with the RWR. I could do with that, but it could play an even bigger role in stage planning during a sanctioned match.

On Saturday in Pretoria, on stage 1 of the league, you had to engage two targets with two shots each, move (in continuous cover) to a new position and engage two more targets from there for a total of eight shots. Then you had to break cover and engage two more targets on the move. Trouble for anyone with only eight rounds in the magazine.

So I shot the first two targets and did a tactical reload, which left me with enough ammo for the “targets on the move”. Unfortunately, I stuffed it up by shooting them from cover too :(, but such is life.

I’m thinking a RWR after targets three and four would have had me concentrating more on keeping moving … but that may be a pie in the sky.

I’ll update with some dry-fire results. 45acp


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