Ongoing struggle to CDP master – June ’15

28 June 2015

The first post (on Gunsite)

I’ve been shooting IDPA for 30 months now. I have not moved up in my classification since classifying as a marksman on 26 January 2013. I’m thoroughly fed up of that and I have set myself a very specific goal. To reach this goal, I’m focusing on certain aspects of my life and of my shooting and I’m planning to keep track of the progress here. The factors I’m taking into consideration is my weight and placing in monthly shoots. The ultimate indicator is of course the classifier and that is also my goal. I’m hoping that by making this public, it would motivate me to keep going.

At the moment:

1. Starting weight: -10 kg (I started the program about three weeks ago. If the weight loss seems excessive, please keep in mind that I have to lose another 20 to reach my goal.) So it was actually a small percentage of my starting weight that I have lost.

2. No shoot attended in June due to two days spent at an SO course.

3. MM, with a time of 162.8s

July is going to be a bitch as I have loads of excuses not to shoot (IDPA). But the dry fire training and a weekly live session is going OK so far. I’m focusing on improving weak-handed shooting now and dry-fire is certainly helping a bit.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be shooting the night shoot at JDPC this coming weekend and the league on the 25th of July at PDPC.

Feel free to comment, criticize, make suggestions or whatever. 45acp


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