Ongoing struggle to CDP master – August ’15

22 August 2015

End of the 2015 season and making SS

Africa Championships showed me why most people carry more ammunition than eight rounds in the magazine. Sure, I am stubborn, so even my slightly-less-than-hoped-for performance did not see me fall back on the Glock 17 and SSP.

This morning I shot a classifier after helping with the NSO at JDPC. I shot relatively well, with a failure to extract on string 4 of the first stage adding about 5 seconds to my score. I think my thumb was on the slide.

I did manage to get a bump to SS … certainly a step in the right direction.

Some time spent with Albert Wessels has really helped me. And I’m putting in some dry-fire work on a regular basis (five days a week).

So I’m hoping for some more improvement. Soon. 45acp


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