Ongoing struggle to CDP master – May ’16

31 May 2016

A busy week … making expert

The month of May gives a lot of shooting opportunities to Gauteng IDPA shooters, with three leagues and quite a few classifiers in the offering for those that want to qualify for the national championships in Komatiepoort in June.

Since the end of April, I’ve shot leagues at Rooikraal, Centurion, Johannesburg and, this last weekend, Pretoria. All four were relatively unsuccessful, with various factors playing a role in hampering my quest for medals.

I did safety-officer duty in two of the events and, let’s be honest, for someone that is still learning to shoot, concentrating on the safety of others is not exactly the way to go if you want to do your best.

A stomach bug in Pretoria provided a nice excuse last weekend, but I’m not sure why I was so slow in Johannesburg. Politics … maybe. But that’s a long story. I think I just had another off day and it showed. Not even a bronze and the medals went to people I normally out-shoot easily.

On Thursday I bounced up unexpectedly to Expert in CDP, despite the stomach bug. I shot the classifier in 108.79 seconds, with a time of slightly more than 52 seconds for the third stage causing the bump. I’ve worked on accuracy the last few weeks … and only missed one shot out of the thirty. Happy days.

(Remember to take your own toilet paper to Cecil Payne 🙂 )

A lot more work is needed, but the result does give me a boost. 45acp


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